The first week I arrived in L.A. I looked in the L.A. Weekly and saw that Quiet Riot was playing on Sunset.  What a welcoming.  Metal Health was my very first album.  So I went to the show and saw Carlos Cavaso walking by me when I pulled into the parking lot.  I had to stop and say, “Carlos!”  He stopped and I told him I had been waiting since 5th grade to see them.  He said, “Great!  Enjoy the show!”  I was lucky enough to meet Rudy Sarzo that night and Frankie Banali on a separate occasion, where he gave me a pair of Quiet Riot drumsticks.

So, I met this girl at the show and we went next door to The Rainbow.  I saw Kevin DuBrow and introduced myself.  I told him that when I was a little kid, my mother talked me out of the letter I was writing to them because Elvis never responded to her.  He told me they had a lot of time to respond nowadays, haha.  He asked me what was up with the girl I was with and I remember looking at him thinking that Kevin DuBrow, the man whose voice I had been rocking out to since I was a small child, was asking me about the girl that was accompanying me.  I took a moment, looked him in the eyes, put my hand on his shoulder and said, “Kevin, she’s all yours.”  Unfortunately for Kevin, Lemmy didn’t hesitate.