If I had to describe Steely Dan’s sound in concert in one word, it would be “smooth”.  I went to a show in L.A. with my buddy James.  We naturally went to our assigned seats first, only to discover that we were literally in the last row of the entire arena.  There was even an overhang above our heads.  It could have been argued it was a cave.

During intermission I said that we weren’t going to stand for that anymore and told James to come with me.  I went all the way down to the very front where I saw that the 7th and 8th row were almost completely empty.  I walked down politely asking any person that would know person if a certain seat was taken.  Out of both rows, every single seat was taken except one.  So, being the nice guy that I am, I gave it to James and sat in a taken seat next to him anxiously waiting for my doom coming back from the bathroom.  No one ever came back!